Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Bigger kids

I keep forgetting that my kids are getting bigger. Sometimes I look at them and I am astonished that they are so big. And it happened so fast. Dave used to tell me to enjoy certain things because someday I would miss it. Well, someday is here.
Logan used to come into our room almost every night with his blanket and pillow and sleep on the floor next to our bed. He would wake me up every night to put his blanket on, but I liked waking up in the morning seeing him sleeping there. He doesn't do that anymore. Makes me sad. I miss him in my room.
When I took Colin to school the other day I walked him up to his classroom (I usually just drop him off but I was actually showered and dressed). When we got to his class I bent down to give him a kiss on the cheek and he said, "Just a hug Mom, no kiss." Makes me sad that he's too old for even a kiss on the cheek at school. At home it's fine, but not in front of his friends. 
Trevor still lets me tuck him in at night, but I recently noticed that when I said, "Love you," he would not say it back anymore. Really made me sad. So one night when I was putting him to bed I said, "Love you....are you too big to say it back? Too cool? Is it embarrassing to say?" He just smiled. I told him it was okay if he didn't want to say it, but that it was nice to hear. Most of the time he'll say it back, but not all of the time. Makes me sad. 


GHFamily said...

Aw girl... with 4 boys between the ages of 23-16, I promise you they come back to the "mama's boy" stage. They each went through this stage in middle school. Keep hugging and kissing them. They need it even if they don't admit it.

Heather Ludwig said...

I would never say I Love you back to my mom either, and sometimes I still don't! :) yes, I know I have issues lol. My mom and I agreed on a code phrase that would be the equivalent of saying it but so that only we would know that's what was being said in public. Worked for both of us then :)