Wednesday, May 8, 2013

You are my sunshine

David got an e-mail this past Friday from a close friend telling us that their 9 month old baby had passed away. Today we attended his memorial service. These past few days I have reflected on the family I have. I have thought about this sweet friend of mine and the amazing mother she is. I remember when I had Trevor, how whenever we saw them she would be so anxious to hold him. I remember when she found out her first baby was a boy and how excited we were for our kids to be friends. I think about talking to her on the phone or going out to dinner, to a movie, or having a game night and how most of our conversations revolve around our kids. When you are a mother, your kids are your life. They are your full time job, your biggest worry, sometimes they are a pain. They make you laugh, cry, scream. Sometimes they make you frustrated and angry and you wonder if you're really the right person to be raising them. But my friend said something today when she spoke about her sweet baby and her kids that made me stop and ponder. She said her kids are her sunshine and that she loves being a mom. Ever since we heard about Connor's passing I feel like we have had more peace in our home. As we have prayed for this family we have felt a greater love for our own family. I have felt a greater understanding and appreciation for the blessings the temple brings to our family and I am so thankful that we are sealed together forever. I have looked at my kids and wondered how I would feel if they were taken from me. The little things that used to get to me don't seem as important. And the time I used to spend doing things for ME seem almost wasted. I have played with my kids more this week, I have given them more hugs and kisses, I have listened to them more and have tried to be more patient with them and more loving. I have tried to be a better mom, the mom they deserve. I love my kids. I love being a mom. My kids are my sunshine, too.

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