Monday, May 6, 2013

Home grown

I have planted 3 gardens since we have lived in this house. I tried a spring/summer garden last year, then a fall garden and I just planted some more things again this spring. The first garden I planted we got nothing. Maybe a few pea pods, but that was it. The second time around my plants grew great but they didn't produce any food. But the one I've been working on this year is growing great. What is the difference? I learned a little something. My friend told me about a FREE online BYU course in gardening. I did it. Then I learned from the free course that I needed to call the extension office where I lived to get information for gardening in my area. I called. I asked questions, got answers and read lots of stuff. I made charts of what I wanted to plant and when it needed to be planted. I drew out plans of where I was going to plant stuff. I got good dirt, I got fertilizer, I got some new seeds, a few plants and got to work. So far we have been able to eat lettuce (romaine - grows so great!) and spinach. The other day I picked all of our carrots to make room for pumpkins. The kids thought they were pretty good. So did I. My peas did not do so well so I took them out, but my green beans are looking lovely. My broccoli plants are HUGE but I have no broccoli....yet. I don't know much, but I know a little and it's been fun experimenting and learning something new. And the best part is being able to go out back and pick some of that home grown food to eat.
My spinach and Romaine lettuce. Plant in Feb for a harvest all spring (I just pick what I need and it keeps on growing) and in September for a fall garden. The Romaine grew so well I will plant more next time. 

These are the carrots I harvested last week. They didn't get very big but they were crunchy and pretty sweet. Trevor's friend was very impressed we had food growing. 

My green beans are blooming! I never had green bean plants this good before. Plan t mid-March, April, late June and early August. I'm hoping to get enough so I can freeze them. My kids love green beans.

Corn. I tired it last summer and the ears never produced any kernels. I am hoping for more success this year. I learned to plant corn where peas were the season before. We'll see if it works! 

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Pamela said...

I want to learn how to garden! I'm totally going to look into the BYU course you mentioned! Kasey, you are truly a fountain of knowledge!