Saturday, August 3, 2013

Together Again

A while ago we gave Trevor his own room. Almost every night Trevor ends up sleeping on the floor in Colin's and Logan's room. At 4 this morning, after Logan had a bad dream, I came in their room to see Trevor squished in Colin's bed. He told me the floor was not comfortable but he did not want to sleep alone. So I asked, "Do you want your bed back in their room?" So the boys are together again. All sleeping in the same room. I love it. We put the desks in Trevor's old room so now they can draw and hang out in there. I told Trevor when he wants privacy he can still go in there, but now he doesn't have to sleep alone, or on the floor. I wonder how long it will last. Is it bad for me to wish that my boys will want to sleep in the same room forever? 
All the beds back in one room - I'm a happy mom

This will now be the "art room"

And the "I'm being lazy playing my DS all day" room

Colin is taking an art class this summer and the first class was all about good posture.

Typical 10 year old boy

Logan's favorite thing to do is build stuff with Legos. He wants to work at Lego Land someday
Logan's original creations


Suzie Q said...

Wow! Three boys in one room, it is so very Brady Bunch! I love that they have an art room too...

GHFamily said...

Let them stay together. Childhood goes by so fast.