Saturday, January 12, 2008


People keep asking me how big Logan was when he was born and more of the details, so here is a little "close-up" of him.
Logan was born 3 weeks early and he weighed 6 lbs 10 oz. He was 20 inches long. So far things have been good at home. The first night was a little crazy with him waking up every hour or so and not sleeping very well (he slept great during the day though!) But each day has been getting better, with us getting to know him and figuring out his schedule. He is a great baby and both Dave and I have enjoyed these first few days with him. Colin is liking him as well - we were afraid he would not since he kept saying he did not want a baby. Colin likes to sit and watch Logan and he will smile and "pet"him. Trevor is the best helper, willing to get diapers, hold bottles, and talk and sing to Logan if we need to do something else. So all is well with us. Next week will be interesting with Logan going to a few doctor's appointments and Dave going back to work. But, thankfully my mom and sister will be helping out with driving me where I need to go.
I guess this is our new life with three boys...


# 1 Dodger Fan said...

Congratulations on your third boy. I think its wonderful I love little boys, since I have four grandsons and one beautiful granddoughter. Hes a very cute little guy. I'm happy for you.
Love, Carolyn

The Sewell Family said...

Yes, congrats! He is so cute. Does he look like Collin and Trevor when they were that age? I hope next week goes well for you. Talk to you soon.

Emily said...

Hi Kasey! It is me, Emily Ellsworth. I stumbled unto your blog through Susie's. Congratulations on your third healthy sweet baby! I'm glad everything went well.
We are expecting our 3rd also at the beginning of June.

I have a blog also but it is private. It you'd like an invite, email me at and I will send you one so you can view it.

Jess said...

What a cutie! I cannot get over how much he looks like your other boys. I still need to come by and hold him. Sorry, this week I have not felt well and it has been a little crazy. Maybe next week.