Monday, January 28, 2008

New Car

As soon as we brought Logan home from the hospital we knew it was time for a new car. Getting three car seats in the Rodeo was challenging enough but once the kids were in the car seats it was a whole other story. The kids were so squished and Trevor and Colin would often fight, and I would be driving yelling the whole time, "Stop touching your brother!" Dave and I went out on Saturday to look and see what was out there and what the prices were, but we came across this great deal that we didn't want to pass up. So we came home Saturday night with our new (well new to us) minivan. It's a 2004 Dodge Caravan and I love it. The kids fit well and there is SO MUCH ROOM. I love how it drives and I am excited to take it grocery shopping and around town. We are also looking forward to driving it to Disneyland in March (YIPEE! We can't wait!) and the to Reno this summer to visit Dave's family. We could not have found a better car for us at a better time. Dave said he is officially old, but I said, no we're officially a family of 5 who just needed a bigger car.


Jess said...

Oh Yay! I am so glad you guys were able to find something. I bet you are loving all the extra room. Where did you end up buying it? This will be our next big purchase too.

The Sewell Family said...

Congratulations! We love our minivan too.