Saturday, June 21, 2008

Just some random stuff

I thought once Logan started sleeping through the night I would be able to get my 8 hours every night and wake up well rested and cheerful each morning. Well it seems that even though he sleeps well I still wake up for no reason at all, or Trevor or Colin will wake up for different things during the night. Last night, for instance, Dave was gone camping with his scouts and I had a plan to put the boys to bed early (Colin missed his nap but instead of being tired he was WIRED) so I could watch a movie, then read my book (I'm reading Before Green Gables so any Anne of Green Gables fans will have to read it) and have a wonderful night's sleep. I am not sure what I was thinking. A little after midnight Trevor wakes up and yells, "Mom I need a drink of water." He yells it again and again until he sees me in his room with the cup. Then I am up around 1 with Trevor asking which switch to push to turn on the light to go pee, then at 2 and again at 3 because Logan has learned to roll over and he now rolls over in his sleep and it wakes him up. I roll him back over (he sleeps on his stomach - I know I'm breaking the rules but he sleeps SO GOOD that way), put in his pacifier and go back to sleep. He is awake again at 5, I try to get him to go back to sleep but he sees me and is all smiles. I feed him and by 5:24 he's back in his crib and I am back in bed. I then hear Colin waking up at 6:18 and so my day begins. And just so you's 8:34 am and Logan is still sleeping. How nice to take long naps whenever you want.

Trevor has strep throat. On Monday my friend Marylin called me to tell me she saw the doctor my kids go to (Dr. Downey - they love him) because her daughter was sick with strep. So on Friday when Trevor woke up telling me his neck hurt (he'd had a fever the day before and was tired all day long - it was actually kind of nice him being sick!) I called Marylin and asked her what the symptoms for strep were. She told me to take him in just in case, "If you wait all weekend and it is strep then he's going to be miserable." So I took him in and we ended up seeing the doctor Marylin always takes her kids to. It took three of us to hold Trevor down to get the throat culture but it was positive so I was glad we had gone in. He feels "too good" now and said his neck is "much cooler." I just keep watching Colin for symptoms too since he's the one who usually get sick so if he does not get this I will be very surprised.

Colin keeps waking up dry each morning which is nice but he will have one good day with no accidents and then the next day it's like he forgot how to go on the toilet. Oh well, at least when he does have an accident it's on he wood floors and not the carpet. That's something to be grateful for. Yesterday when I took Trevor to the doctor I asked my dad to watch Colin and Logan since I am always afraid they would catch the germs there. So I tell Colin he is going to Papa's house and he says, "What about Gramma?" and I say, Grandma is at work." and he says with a frown on his face, "Oooh, but I miss Gramma."


Marylin and Jimmy said...

Glad I was helpful! It is nice to have friends that you can call for help in those areas! I am hoping with you that none of the rest of you get it! :) Love ya

Karen said...

I feel your pain with sleep. It is a rare occasion when both my children sleep through the night! By the way, don't feel bad about the tummy rule. I cheated too. My son slept a lot better on his tummy too.!

Steph said...

Girl, I still would like a full nights slepp! If it is not Zack sleep walking, or Matt snorting so loud he wakes me up, it is Kaia coming in after a bad dream! I remember being scared to wake my parents up, but my kids are not scared of me. What am I doing wrong? :)

Jess said...

That is how it always works, huh? Just when you think it will be the perfect night's sleep something goes wrong.
Sorry to hear Trevor was sick. Strep throat is no fun.

Heidi said...

Sleep?? What is that? I have not slept for the past 6 weeks with this new baby! I feel your pain!