Monday, March 9, 2009

6 year old

Trevor's birthday is this week and he's turning 6. Since he was a baby I have been keeping a journal on the computer for him and I will often write down funny things he will say or do. I don't write in it enough and I know I need to do better at it because someday it will be fun for him to look through and read. But as we have been preparing for his birthday there have been some things he's said that are reminding me he's growing up. He told me he wanted cheese soup for his birthday dinner (that's BROCCOLI cheese soup) and that he wanted to invite 2 friends to go to Chuck E. Cheese with him and one of the friends was Colin. He said he wanted Colin to come because he's never been and he'd have fun. I thought that was so nice to think of his brother. It's funny to look at Trevor and think of the baby he used to be, the toddler. Here are some of my favorite things about Trevor:
He has the best smile * I love his blue eyes * He has a great imagination * He has always liked to read books * He still sleeps with the blue blanket he's had since he was a newborn * He still sleeps with the puppy he's had since he was 1 * He loves to tell jokes and make people laugh * He is very social and will talk to anyone * He will be friends with anyone * He says encouraging words to his friends at school * He likes to make up stories * He likes to tell me what he dreamed about when he was sleeping * He says very thoughtful prayers and has a lot of faith * He likes going to church * He includes his brother when his friends are over to play * He likes playing with Logan * Despite the difficulties we sometimes have at home he's a very good boy with a
very good heart.


Jess said...

It's hard to believe he is going to be six. I remember him at all those stages in those cute pictures. Happy 6th birthday Trevor!

hollybake said...

That is so exciting he is turning 6. That means my oldest will be turning 6 soon! Happy Birthday Trevor!

Heidi said...

Oops... that last comment was from me, not Holly!

Kasey Eyre said...

I was wondering why Holly would say her oldest would be 6! I know her twins are not that old yet. Has she moved back yet?

Borino said...

I can't believe that he is getting so big!!! Happy Birthday Trevor!! Love you tons!