Monday, May 4, 2009

8th Anniversary....almost

When Dave and I first got married a wise friend of mine (thanks Tricia!) told me that for each anniversary we needed to go away or spend at least one night away from our kids. In the (almost) 8 years that we have been married we have done that. We've been to San Diego, Laguna Beach, Cedar City, St George, stayed at the Treasure Island, and a few times have had the kids spend the night with my mom or sister when we've stayed home. This year we added Reno to the list. Dave's family lives there and his sister was planning to have her new baby's blessing this past weekend so Dave and I decided to use this weekend as our anniversary get-a-away and get the chance to see his family. My parents watched the kids while Dave and I had massages (a favorite anniversary activity of ours), went to dinner, had a paddle boat tour of Lake Tahoe and spent the day with Dave's family. It was a fun weekend and a nice time to get away. When we got home last night the boys were already asleep but they wasted no time this morning reminding Dave and me what we missed while we were gone. It's so nice to have family close by so we can get away when we year it's my turn to plan. I already have some good ideas as to where I want to go!

This is a picture from the boat. It was cold, cloudy and I swear it was snowing that day (okay it was slushy rain). Despite the weather we did have fun on the boat ride. The soup we had for lunch tasted even better with the cold day and the lake was beautiful!


Heidi said...

That is so fun! Matt and I need to start doing that!! Our kids are all old enough to leave home for a night!
Glad you guys had fun:-)

Borino said...

We had a great time with you here!!

johnny and steph said...

Happy Anniversary almost! I agree that the advice your friend gave is most indeed great advice. We try to do that too and for a few years we even got away twice a year. At first it was hard to leave my kids but after the first couple of times it got easier and I love spending time, just the two of us.