Friday, May 8, 2009

Dance Festival

Trevor's school does a Dance Festival each year. They have been learning about Australia in class and they learned a parachute dance for the festival. We all went last night to watch and even though we were all sweating from the heat it turned out so cute. The little kindergartners were so cute and when Trevor saw us he was smiling so big and kept looking our way. He did a great job on the dance - when I asked if he got nervous he said, "I had some grasshoppers in my stomach."

After taking pictures Dave decided we need a new camera that has a zoom feature.


Erika said...

Grasshoppers in my stomach? That is so cute. What a fun project for the kids to participate in. I agree zooming in on the pics would be nice.

Steph said...

OOOO... I need a zooming camera too. Tell me what kind you get!!!