Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Colin was born on Dave's birthday. His due date was May 5th but I wanted to try and have him on my own so I waited to go into labor. Well he was late, but we ended up doing a C-section anyway. Dave was excited to have Colin on his birthday - I remember he told all of the nurses and people at the hospital it was his birthday that day. We celebrated their birthdays this weekend with breakfast at IHOP, then we went to the Shark Reef, then home to have cake and open gifts. It was a fun day, the boys all got along well and enjoyed playing with Colin's new toys. Colin is such a funny little kid with his unique facial expressions, big blue eyes and his funny way of seeing the world around him. Here are some things about Colin:

He loves to draw, loves to eat everything except dinner, can't sit still in Primary, likes to throw tantrums, likes to run away from me at the store and hide (but if he has paper and a pen he'll sit in the basket and draw the whole time), loves going to Grandma's house because she has better food, loves playing with Trevor and he's starting to like to play with Logan, he used to not like to be held as a baby but he does now, LOVES to wear pajamas, loves taking baths, has itchy skin and hates when we put lotion on, says cute prayers, sings off key, loves to play the computer, loves his dad.


Jess said...

Happy Birthday to Colin and Dave! Cute cake and it sounds like you had a fun day!

Beverly B. said...

Cute Cakes!