Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Charged Battery

Dave and I went on a date on Saturday night with some friends. The girl listened to my story of how my camera battery charger was mistakenly thrown away and she said she had an extra one! Yesterday my sweet friend brought me the charger and I now have a working camera again. Just in time for upcoming birthdays and Mother's Day (which they all happen to fall on the same day this year). So yesterday when the battery was fully charged I put it into my pink camera and voila! It worked! I was able to upload my pictures (upload? download? what is the difference?) and now I am ready to share. Here are the real pictures of our rental house. I think we did a pretty good job recreating most of the rooms to look almost exactly like what they did in the old house. This house has almost the same layout which is nice, but what is not nice is the tile. Yucky tile. But all in all we are enjoying it here. We are starting to really love the ward (each Sunday I like it more and more because we're meeting so many nice people), we have super nice neighbors, I love all of the big huge trees and lovely green grass as we walk to school or to the park. It's really worked out well. And we do still have a guest room for any of the Reno Eyre's who want to come and visit!
This kitchen is smaller than my old kitchen, but I have found that all of my stuff fits and sometimes it's way easier to keep a smaller kitchen clean! I think the best thing is that we got rid of a lot of junk before we moved so we moved in mostly with just the things we need. This is right off the kitchen and it's supposed to be the family room. However, because of our huge television and entertainment center it would not fit every well in this space (and the tile was yucky) so we made it the office. It works so well and I actually love having the TV and playroom together, upstairs.

This is our HUGE upstairs bonus room. We loved this room. This room is the reason we wanted to rent this house. The kids love having a TV in their playroom and it's nice that the whole family can be in here at the same time reading, playing, watching a show. It's turned out to be my favorite room of the house.


Heidi said...

Cute pictures of you house! You guys did good! That is one thing I hate about my house also, is the tile! We have a lot of it! The one thing I LOVE about our house is the huge loft/media room upstairs! Glad you have a new charger for your camera! You have very nice friends!

Pamela said...

Thank goodness for friends with extra battery chargers! Your new place looks great! It's nice sometimes to just start fresh - empty space and walls. I'm feeling a need to declutter...