Monday, June 14, 2010

Cupcake Date

The other night Colin and I were sitting on the couch together watching Cupcake Wars on the Food Network. As we watched the introduction of the different bakers Colin kept asking, "Is that real?" I kept telling him over and over it was real. Then he said, "Do you know where that muffin shop is?" (my kids call muffins cupcakes and cupcakes muffins - I'm not sure why.) I told him I didn't know where the ones on the TV were but I said to him, "I do know where there is a cupcake shop where we live." He got all kinds of excited. During the whole rest of the show (he stayed and watched the whole hour with me) he kept talking about going to the cupcake shop and getting a cupcake but just me and him. He said, "Not Dad or Trev or Logan. Just me and you, Mom." So, by the end of the show I had him convinced that he and I would go on a date, a cupcake date, to the cupcake shop. He wanted to go right then, but I told him we would pick a day and write it on the calendar and we'd have something to look forward to. In the past Dave has taken the boys on little father/son outings. He's planned a day and done something simple like going out for ice cream or taking one of them to the park or to run errands with him and then getting a treat. I always said it was good for them to spend time with him since he's always at work and I'm always home with them. But I never thought that they might need some more one on one time with me. I see them all day, everyday, but sometimes that's not what they want or what they need. Colin has been saying a lot lately, "Mom, I just want to cuddle with you." But then Logan will come along and push Colin aside. It must be hard when someone else always seems to be getting the love and attention you want. I took Trevor with me to the library and the store on Saturday and it was fun being with just him. They are different when they are alone with me or Dave. When they are the only kid they are different and it's nice. It's nice to just talk to them and pay attention to one kid, instead of having to try and divide your time and attention between all three. It's not just them who needs the one on one time with Dave or with me. I think we need it too. It's just nice to be alone with a kid who is loving the attention.

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