Friday, June 4, 2010


Trevor has been so excited for Summer Vacation. I remember when I was a kid I also looked forward to the days where I could be lazy and ride bikes with my friends, have sleepovers in the middle of the week, eat ice cream and Popsicles, watch TV in the middle of the day and go on family trips. We don't usually have big things planned for our kids, but this summer we have a few things that should make it fun for them. A couple of weeks ago Dave was called to serve with the 14-15 year old boys at church and help with their scouting. There are already camping trips planned and he decided it was time to buy a tent. Dave went out on Monday and bought a tent that will sleep the whole family as well as a pool for the kids. We decided we would take the boys camping a few times this summer and we set the pool up today so they could swim. They did not have patience to wait for it to fill up all of the way so they got in and played for a little bit. It will be nice to have, something for them to do to cool off and get out of the house. In the coming weeks we'll have trips to the library, splash parks, friends over to play, camping trips, and at the end of the summer a family reunion in Reno. Happy Summer!


Jess said...

We got the same pool! It is amazing how entertained they can be in the water!

Heidi said...

I need to get me a pool like that!!