Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Thanks Aunt Debbie and Hooray for Trevor!

For our birthdays this year Dave's sister, Debbie, sent us gift certificates to Baskin Robbins. Yesterday, after taking the boys to a splash park (LOVE those places! Wish they had them when I was a kid) we went to get ice cream. They loved looking at all of the the different flavors and deciding what toppings to put on. It was a fun treat and we still have some certificates left over! So, thanks Debbie for the cool treat on a hot day.
Today was Trevor's awards assembly. With the school year coming to a close tomorrow, I look back over this year so happy for the teacher Trevor had. His teacher has been teaching school for over 20 years and she loves it. You can tell by the way she talks to the kids, the way she works with the parents, and the way she runs her classroom that she knows what she's doing and she does it because it's something she really enjoys. Trevor's teacher was very strict in her classroom rules and the way she graded, but it was what he needed. He was challenged this year in so many areas but he learned so much. He did not get straight A's, did not get just A's and B's but he did so well and we are so proud of him. He struggled in writing all year and when he brought home progress reports and report cards with C's in writing he was so excited. He knew he worked hard and brought up his grade. I have seen so much change in him this year with the way he reads and writes. It's been so fun to see him learning. I have loved working with his teacher. She has been so supportive. She has been honest with us and has helped us as parents to help Trevor in the things he needed. She looked for the good in Trevor and worked with him on what he needed to improve. Today when she was presenting her awards she started to cry. It just shows me what a dedicated teacher she is and how lucky I feel that Trevor had her this year. Trevor got awards today for attendance and improvement.

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Heidi said...

That is so good! Way to go Trever! It's so nice to have a teacher who cares so much!

I am so worried about Arielle starting school in the fall. I hope she has a wonderful teacher, just like Trever did!