Friday, July 9, 2010

We have no Princess movies

The boys wanted a movie for tonight. They wanted "The Spy Next Door" but it was not at the Red Box so instead Dave brought home "The Princess and the Frog." Really? I told him they were not going to like a Princess movie, but Dave said, "But it's a cartoon." Yeah, but it's a Princess movie. They were disappointed when they heard what movie they got for the night, but they were good sports and we all settled on the couch (except for Dave since he had game night with the guys) to watch the movie. They laughed at some places, they liked the bad guy, they loved eating their popcorn, but by then end I could tell they were not too impressed. They didn't really seem to like the singing parts and their eyes were glazing over a little by the time we got to the marriage/happy ending. They seemed glad when it was finally over and I told them we'd try and find their Spy movie tomorrow so we can do a re-do of Family Movie Night. I used to love all of those movies when I was a kid - Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White. I loved Beauty and the Beast and Little Mermaid, but thank goodness Disney started making movies like Incredibles, Cars and Toy Story. I mean, what did families like mine do way back when there were no Disney movies for boys? Because, really, what boy cares about if the glass slipper is going to fit, or sits on the edge of his seat waiting for the prince to come and wake up the sleeping Princess with a kiss? Yes, we've got all of the movies little boys like and none of them have a Princess as a character. We're all boy here in our house. So, none of my kids will ever want to sit and watch Anne of Green Gables with me; I'll never have a kid to go watch chick flicks with. But that's what my mom and sisters and friends are for. And I don't mind that the movies we get aren't usually the ones I would pick, but we always end up having fun and when you're watching a movie with your kids sometimes it's more fun watching them than it is watching the movie.

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GHFamily said...

I hate missing chick flicks too so once, I made Michael (our youngest) go to Twilight with me.... afterwards, I felt so bad that I slipped him a twenty... so it was all good.