Friday, July 23, 2010

Your brother is your best friend

I've been noticing lately that Colin has found a new friend in Logan. I first saw this a couple of weeks ago when Dave took Trevor to a scout activity with him. The house was peaceful and quiet as Colin sat downstairs and drew and Logan played with cars upstairs. And then the two came together and started playing with one another. They played nicely, there was no fighting and they were both laughing and smiling and having fun. Then, a few days ago I saw it again. Colin and Logan off together playing while Trevor was busy doing something else. Yesterday, before dinner, Logan wanted to go out and swim. He wanted friends to swim with him so he ran upstairs to get his brothers to come out. All three of them played for a while but in the end Trevor ended up coming back in the house leaving Colin and Logan to play. They get along so nicely. I think they have a great new relationship building. Not just brothers, but now they're becoming friends. I just hope Logan isn't too sad when Colin goes off to kindergarten in a few months. At least they will have some time together each afternoon until it's time to pick Trevor up. It's so nice seeing your kids getting along and being friends. Dave and I say all of the time to them, "He's your brother, and he should be your best friend." My greatest desire is that the three of them grow up close, that they grow up as friends.


Jess said...

It is the BEST when your own kids can play so well together. I love those moments too!

Marylin said...

So sweet! I hope for the same thing for my kids. I know it doesn't always work out that way but I hope that they will at least enjoy each others company! :)

Heidi said...

I love it when my 3 girls are all playing nice. I just sit back and watch them, and hope they will always be the best of sisters... and friends!
We have that same pool! It's been the best $25 bucks I have ever spent!

Can't wait to see next Saturday for our GNO!

Steph said...

i can already tell your family pictures are going to turn out gorgeous. I love it when my boys are buddies. Its the best feeling ever and I wish i could bottle it up and drink it. haha