Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Logan has been a very picky eater since about the age of 2. He does not like anything green and the only fruits he will eat are apples, bananas and watermelon. That's about it. I have always heard that when you have your kids help in the kitchen and let them see how the food is being prepared they are more likely to eat different types of food. I have also heard the same is true with having your kids plant a garden. And now I believe. When we moved into this house last summer I was looking forward to the spring so I could use the great garden beds that were here to try and plant a garden. We also have some great asparagus plants (I have learned that they are annual plants and will grow for about 20 years!) and ever since January we've been planning our garden. I took the kids with me to buy seeds (peas, carrots, broccoli, corn, green beans, watermelon and pumpkins) and we started some inside so the kids could watch them grow. One sunny afternoon Logan helped me plant different seeds in the garden and ever since the asparagus started popping up, he's helped me water and look after the plants. Logan has done the most work in the garden and seems the most excited when little things begin to sprout. Recently, when we picked some asparagus, he watched as I brought it in the house and cooked it for everyone to taste. And he ate it! And he liked it! He's never tried it before, but because he watched it grow and watered it he wanted to see what it tasted like. Some of the foods Logan has tried lately have been strawberries, pears, pineapple, broccoli and green beans. Seriously the kid has been trying all kinds of new things just because of that one experience with the asparagus. Gardening with your kids is the best thing ever. I just hope the rest of our plants grow as good as these asparagus.

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