Monday, April 30, 2012

Guest bathroom - finally finished

On Saturday Dave put up the new light fixture in the guest bathroom. Today I was able to finish painting, and now that bathroom is done. I keep looking in that room wondering if it looks too bare, if I need to decorate with more stuff. But I love the way it looks: clean, fresh, simple. I love the blue and white. Someday I want white kitchen cabinets with wood floors and the walls painted a grey-blue. And yellow is my favorite color, so that is what I decided on for some pops of color. It's not a lot, but I think it's just enough. It's a bathroom, after all, and the last thing I want to do is have more stuff I have to keep clean in there. I mean, with a house full of boys the bathroom gets dirty enough.
 The new light fixture! I hate the lights they put in bathrooms, so this to me was a huge change. 
 I sat on the phone with my sister as I made the "wash your hands" print. She suggested the word placement and I think it came out so cute. The kids think it's funny, but honestly, they need the reminder.
 These are the yarn wreaths I made and the curtains my mom made. I love when bathrooms have white curtains, but I love having a lot of light in the room. The yellow stripe on the curtains is a dish towel I found at Target. I love how it turned out. The yarn wreaths are so easy to make and I used a yellow and white ribbon to hang them up. For me, this is super crafty.
Ahhhh...doesn't it look so clean? I think I need a vase of flowers on the counter.

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GHFamily said...

I hate a cluttery bathroom so it's perfect!