Sunday, October 25, 2009

Day Trip

When I went to college at SUU I had some great roommates. Some I already knew and some were strangers but they became some of my best friends. I knew Jamie from high school and I met Tricia when I first got to SUU. We were in an apartment of 8 girls and somehow Tricia, Jamie and I just clicked. To this day Jamie and Tricia are two of my closest friends. Tricia lives in Utah so I keep in touch with her through e-mail, and sometimes we will get together when she comes to Vegas to visit her brother. I got the idea to have a girls weekend in the summer, but we never were able to get it together. Then, a couple of weeks ago I told Tricia and Jamie to pick a Saturday in October and we would meet in Cedar and spend the day together. Yesterday was our day and we had a great time. We went to lunch, walked around campus and talked about all of the things we did in college and what we are doing now. It was so fun to have a day off, to be with 2 of my best friends and remember what a good time we all had together. We've already made plans for our next visit and I can't wait! (The pictures from top to bottom: Tricia and me on campus, Jamie and me in front of Old Main where we took all of our Education classes, the library where I spent A LOT of time, me hugging a tree....the trees there were so amazing with all of the fall colors.)


Heidi said...

That is so fun! I had 12 roommates my first year at Snow! I still keep in contact will 11 of them!

Marylin said...

Fun! Good for you to get away and hang out with some girl friends! I love it!

Jess said...

I'm so glad you were able to get away and do something fun! It sounded like a great time and makes me want to figure out how to get together with my college roommates.