Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Movies for Grandma and Grandpa (and everyone else too)

Dave's parents and siblings live in Reno (one in Colorado) so they don't get to see the boys very often. Now that we have a camera that can make videos I decided I'd start posting things of the boys so they can see them more often. This time I did interviews with each of the boys. Trevor and Colin both said their best friend at school was Aaron but they are not the same Aaron. Right before I started recording Logan he was talking a ton and kept saying "Hi". I wanted to get him jibber jabbering but everyone knows when you want your kids to do something so other people can see it never works out. So I hope Dave's family enjoys this and anyone else who wants to watch my cute kids.


Heidi said...

Your boys are just SO dang cute!

Kel said...

Cute videos! It's so fun to see them!

Jess said...

Those videos are so cute and your boys will love looking at them in years to come!