Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Colin turned 5 last week. Dave always says Colin is a very interesting child. He has his own unique style of doing things, but at the same time I can see how he looks up to
others and the way they influence him. Colin is influenced by Trevor in the way he uses his imagination and in the way he plays. Sometimes those two play so well together because they are very in sync with one another and what the other is thinking. Colin is influenced by Dave in his interest in art. Colin loves to ask Dave to draw things for him and then Colin will try and draw it himself later. There are times when Colin has seen something Dave did and he's tried to copy it. Colin loves whatever his dad loves: computer games, drawing, TV shows or movies. I think Colin is more like Dave than he thinks. I have seen some of the pictures of Dave as a child and he looks pretty interesting himself. If you've seen Colin lately you will see that he loves bracelets. He wears about ten at a time, most of them rubber bands that he gets at my parent's house from their rubber band ball. He wears them because Papa wears them (my dad). He loves Papa and wants to be like him and the bracelets are his way. I just love Colin to death. He is cute and funny. He says things that just make you stop and wonder how such things got into his head. He is creative and still likes to be held and to cuddle. He's still little but when I look at him I can imagine the day when he is bigger than me. So Happy Birthday to Colin. I think our family is just a little more interesting because of him.


Heidi said...

What a cutie! Happy Birthday to Colin! He sounds a lot like my Arielle!

Jess said...

He is so cute! Happy Birthday to Colin! I also love your Family Rules board. It turned out Great! I have seen several of those on blogs and want to make one for my playroom. One of those projects I will get to someday. :)