Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Pinewood Derby - Lego Car

Tonight was Trevor's last Pinewood Derby....and I had to miss it. I had a Day Camp meeting I needed to attend. I was pretty sad, but Dave was there with the boys and my parents were there so I knew Trevor would have a big cheering section. His car may not have been very fast this year, but it sure did look good. Trevor wanted to do a car that looked like a Lego, but Dave had the idea to actually make the car out of Legos. Sunday after church was spent with all of the Legos scattered on the table and Dave and Trevor busy building the car. I love the way it came out and I think Trevor was very creative. And the best part is he can take the pieces off and re-build it any way he wants. I have a feeling Logan will be itching to play with this car - he's the Lego genius in the house. I don't think this car has seen it's last race. It might be getting a complete new look for some future races. And maybe we can figure out a way to make it go a little faster next time. It's things like this that make me love living in a house full of boys.

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