Wednesday, April 16, 2008

More Funner

This is a conversation I had with Trevor the other night.

Trevor: How old are you?
Me: 31
Trevor: How old is Daddy?

Me: He’s 33
Trevor: Then you can go to work when you are 33
Me: Well if I go to work then who will take care of you and Colin and Logan?
Trevor: A babysitter
Me: Well, it’s better for moms to stay home and take care of their kids
Trevor: But a babysitter is more funner.

After he said that I gave him a hug and told him babysitters were fun but that moms knew better how to take care of and love their kids. I like to think if I did go to work when I turned 33 that he would miss me and want me back home with him.

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Lisa Tippetts said...

TOO CUTE! By the way I love your bookshelf! Your are showing total props to the twilight series. WHOO WHOO!!!