Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Celebrity Sighting

I have seen very few celebrities in my life time. The first one was in Washington DC. I was a senior in high school and it was school trip. We were in the Capitol building and we got into an elevator. Then this guy steps in and my friend said, "Hello, Senator Bono." I didn't even know who it was at first until when he stepped out of the elevator my friend turned to me and gushed, "We were in the elevator with Sonny Bono!" The second time I saw someone famous I was at the mall with my sister and we were leaving the mall and she swore we were walking behind Robin Williams. So we walked a little faster and followed him out of the mall and into the parking lot. It was indeed Robin Williams, complete with a body guard. He's super short. Anyway, the third time I saw someone famous was on my honeymoon. Dave and I were staying at a hotel close to the Los Angeles airport. We would be leaving for a cruise the next day and we wanted to go someplace fancy to eat. We were told to go to a particular restaurant in the airport and we were told lots of time famous people ate there on their way in and out of town. So we get there, get our table and ask the waitress if she had served anyone famous. She said she had but that she had to treat them like everyone else. Interesting. So Dave and I are sitting there and we look over and at the very next table (and these tables were close together) was no other than Ian McKellen (I didn't even know his name back then). I remember Dave leaned over to me and said, "Isn't that the guy who plays Magneto in X-Men?" We had just watched the movie so we both look and it was! We were so excited. We kept watching him the whole time. It was the coolest dinner ever. So today I was at the auto shop getting my car's oil change and a smog check and in walks this guy and I look at him and think he looks just like this chef who I know has a restaurant here and was on Top Chef as a judge a number of times and then on Top Chef Masters. And then I listen to his conversation with the lady behind the counter and I knew it was him. It was Rick Moonen! But after my initial excitement I thought, "Even people on TV have to get their cars fixed just like the rest of us."

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Erika said...

You had me until Rick Moonen. Who in the world is he? Chef? That might explain why I don't know him. Those cooking shows just make me hungry. They don't inspire me to cook.
My only celebrity sighting was Isaac Hayes at a grocery store. Apparently he used to live down the street from my pediatrician.