Thursday, March 3, 2011

Sharing rooms

When we lived in our previous house we remodeled the upstairs and closed off a loft so we could have enough bedrooms upstairs for the boys. We had Trevor and Colin in one room and Logan in the other. Then, when we decided we wanted a guest room downstairs, we moved all three boys in a room and used the other room as a play room. It worked out pretty well. As we've been talking to the boys about moving we keep trying to figure out what do do about rooms. Should Logan still get his own room? Should we let Trevor have his own room? We had it all figured out and then last night changed our minds again. I was reading a blog, trying to get some decorating ideas when I came across a post where this woman had all three of her boys sharing a room. She said she loved it because no one felt left out and they all got to be buddies while they were young. She said she would probably not always keep it that way but while they were little, why not? So it got me thinking. I asked the boys what they thought about all three of them sharing a room in the new house. They liked it. They really liked it. They liked that they could all be together, that they could have a room with just their toys and another room for just the couch and TV. It's not set in stone but I think it's a great idea. Dave and I like the idea of them sharing, even when they are older. And the rooms in our new house are bigger so it won't be too bad for all three to be together. Hopefully it will work. Hopefully they will love it.


Beverly B. said...

I think that's a great idea. I always want my boys to share a room. I think when you have your own room you can hide and getaway with more stuff and I want someone there to tattle on the other. I also want them to learn how to get along and comprise.

Heidi said...

Now that we have another baby coming... we are facing that same problem! Do I give Cadence her own room cause she is the oldest? I am not sure what we are going to do... but we need to decide in the next few months!

I am SO excited for our GNO next weekend! WOO HOO!!