Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Wonder Woman

With three boys (oh, I mean 4) in the house there is often talk of Super Heroes, fighting skills, super powers, magic, bad guys and all of that good stuff. The other day when I came out of my room dressed in my new Wonder Woman t-shirt my boys' eyes got wide. "Who is that?" they asked. I told them she was a super hero, one that I loved when I was little. "Well what does she do?" I proceeded to tell them all about her golden lasso, how strong and fast she was and how she could stop bullets from a gun with her wrist bands. Needless to say they were impressed. When I told Trevor I used to pretend to be Wonder Woman when I was little he smiled. He runs around the house imagining he has powers and he fights off the bad guys, so I think he was glad to hear that when I was little I did the same thing. Putting on my Wonder Woman t-shirt brings a little smile to my face. I remember watching that show when I was little and then dressing up as best I could to look like her. Yellow construction paper for the crown, a jump rope for the lasso, some red boots from my mom's closet and scrunchies for my wrist bands. The first time I wore this shirt Trevor kept saying, "We should call you Wonder Mom!" Because Moms are a lot like Wonder Woman, right? We might not fight bad guys but we get bad kids to behave, we fight dirt and germs when we clean the house, we can magically make a sad kid smile and kiss hurts to make them go away. We can quickly, in almost a whirlwind of speed get three kids (or more) ready for school or church or whatever and get everyone out the door so we're not late. We can take a few ingredients from the pantry or fridge and make up a dinner that everyone will eat and they will think it took a lot of planning. And some of us even train in the mornings or evenings to get stronger and improve our speed. I like being Wonder Mom. I like my kids looking at me like I really am a super hero. But I can't take all the credit for the shirt. My friend had it first and I had to copy her. So, thanks Jen!


Erika said...

Oh, Kasey, I just love you! I needed to hear that I am a Wonder Woman too. I need a shirt like that. I'd really like an invisible jet to go with it.

Bickmore's said...

Glad you got it!! :) We Rock with our wonder woman shirt!! :)