Friday, September 16, 2011

First submission

I love to write. Ever since I was little I would write stories. Some I have finished, some I have not. I took a creative writing class in college and I loved that class. My teacher was interesting and taught me a lot about what I needed to know to make my writing better as well as about getting published. One of the most important things that teacher gave me were his comments on my work. On my poems he critiqued what I had written and gave me ideas on how to make them better. On my screen play he told me my form was perfect, and that my scene was interesting and a great beginning to a good story. On my short story he had a few comments on things I needed to fix and then told me to submit it to the school literary magazine for publishing. But I was too scared to do that. I never submitted my story and sometimes I'll think back and wonder why. Since I've been married I haven't finished anything. I will start stories and get half way or not even half way and then I'll just stop. Then I'll get another idea and start a new story and do the same thing. I have lots of good beginnings, but nothing finished. A while ago I started reading a blog I stumbled across. It's someone who worked as a publisher who gives advice to writers. I love reading it because I have learned a lot about writing as well as what it takes to get published. And this blog has made me want to work on my writing more and be more serious about it. And so today I submitted my first story ever. It's for a short story contest on this blog; a Christmas story. I think what I wanted the most was to take this first step. To get something out there to see if it's even good, to see if people even like what I write. I know once the voting starts I'll check the blog every day to see if anyone voted for my story and to see if they left comments. But if they hate what I write maybe it will help me to write better the next time. I just know now that I can finish something, that it felt good to finish something and it was exciting to send it out and see what happens. If you want to submit a story for the contest or vote on the stories go to this link. I won't tell what story is mine. It's not a "who has the most friends and can get them to vote for their story" contest. It's about choosing the best stories and not worrying about who wrote it.

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