Thursday, September 1, 2011

Good things

Sometimes I get so caught up in the things that seem to be going wrong that I forget about the good things. I will be so worried about making sure things are running smoothly that I forget to just enjoy the moment, to smile and laugh, to be a little silly and let things happen. There are so many little good things going on and I know that is what I need to focus on. Here are some of the good things right now:
Spending the day with Logan now that the other 2 boys are in school all day
My gas tank is half full and the last time I got gas was on August 1st
Being able to go swimming after dinner every night
Hearing Colin's stories about his first week of 1st grade - he loves Art, Music and PE class
My boys fall asleep now as soon as their heads hit the pillow
My house stays cleaner longer now
I have a list of things I want to get at Michael's (who knew I'd ever be crafty?)
It was cooler when we walked to school this morning
The other night all three boys asked for seconds at dinner

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GHFamily said...

He loves PE - Hurray!