Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner (it would even make a tasty snack)

After Logan and I finished his preschool lesson for the day (we learned about the sun and stars) he told me he wanted a soft taco for lunch. As I was making his quesadilla I decided I wanted something like that for lunch too, but different. I used the last flour tortilla on his lunch but I had some corn ones in the pantry. I started thinking about a breakfast burrito, but then my memory took me back to a Pioneer Woman recipe. It took me back to this: Pioneer Woman's Huevo in the Hole (click here for the recipe). So I started making it and in the middle of cracking the egg Dave came home for lunch. He told me it looked weird. I told him it was a PW recipe and her recipes have never failed me. I seasoned my egg with salt and pepper and when it was all cooked I added shredded cheese along with the salsa and sour cream. Dave still said it looked weird. So I gave him a bite and he said it was delicious. I told you. PW recipes are always good. Always. So I ate mine and then made one for him. I used the little tortilla circles to make mini quesadillas and ate them before Dave could see what I was doing. I'm sneaky that way. This would be a yummy breakfast, it made a great lunch and would even be good for dinner on those nights you don't know what else to cook. And if your kids don't like eggs that are all oozy in the middle (mine sure don't) they can eat the mini quesadillas. Try it, you'll like it.   

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