Monday, September 17, 2012

Room switch

We switched rooms around this weekend and I love how it all turned out. We moved the playroom downstairs where the guest room junk room was. We moved Trevor into the old playroom and kept Colin and Logan where they were. We cleaned out our bedroom closet to store things from the junk room and got rid of a bunch of stuff we're never going to use. We moved the desk from the TV room to T's new room and put Dave's drafting table in C and L's room for them to use as a drawing table. We moved a bookshelf from the junk room into the TV room so now we have all of our books in one, neat place. It was a ton of work but now that it's done I'm loving this house even more. Trevor loves his new room and Colin and Logan are loving their new art table. I don't think the boys are ready to sleep apart though...Colin and Logan slept on Trevor's floor last night. That's fine with me. I'm just glad we spread out a little and that every room is now being used in a good way.

Playroom downstairs now. Logan loves it and it's a little bigger than the old playroom so there is more space to make messes.
Boys' room before. I loved having all three boys in one room but it was getting cramped and we needed to spread out a little. 

Colin and Logan's room now. Much more space if they want to play. Hopefully it will be easier to keep clean.

Drawing table in C and L's room.

They've already personalized their space. Colin did not want to go to bed last night because he HAD to draw.

Trevor's new room! (the old playroom) I wanted to paint it so that he still liked it as he got older. I've been wanting to try gray  since it's such a popular color right now and blue is T's favorite color. We got Glidden paint in Pebble Gray and Navy Blue. I LOVE how it turned out. LOVE.

Colin's old drawing T has a place to study and do homework and become super smart.

Tons of space in this room. T is excited because now he can come home from school, go in his room, close the door and play alone. That boy does way better when he has had some alone time.

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hollybake said...

CUTE! I love blue and gray too!