Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Wedding Dress Challenge

A few years ago I got a magazine and the January issue was all about resolutions, losing weight, looking and feeling better. The weight loss challenge for that year was The Wedding Dress Challenge. Readers were challenged to do what they needed to do to fit back into their wedding dress. I thought that sounded fun so I decided to try on my wedding dress and see what I would need to do. Well, I was pretty surprised when the sleeves of my dress wouldn't even go up all the way.... how did my arms get fat after 10 years of marriage? I put my dress back on the hanger, and instead of taking that challenge to heart I forgot all about it. I'm really good at making lists and schedules and goals, but I'm not very good at following them. I get distracted or I lose interest, or I get lazy and I just forget. But I spoke in church on Sunday and the words from my talk keep running through my head. I have realized how much time I have wasted being lazy and not really doing what is most important. Saying we want to change is good, but actually making those changes is better. Saying we want to be happy is good, but actually changing our attitude and outlook is better. Saying we want to fit back into our wedding dress is good, but actually working for it is better. I've got some work to do. Not just to get back into my wedding dress, but to change my attitude so that I can be a better wife and mom, a better friend, a better sister, a better teacher, a better person. Anyone else up to the challenge?

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Pamela said...

Yes! I've got a list of things and projects that I've wanted to do for a long time - why not start now. I've decided to focus on one project or goal a month, see what happens at the end of the month, and then re-evaluate. I'd rather have one finished project, then not starting on anything at all. Thanks for this great reminder, Kasey!