Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Game Review - Labyrinth

Our boys love mazes, so when Dave saw this game he thought it would be a perfect family Christmas gift. And since Christmas I think I have played this game at least 20 times with Logan. I think this is a really fun and simple game for kids to play and adults will like it as well. It can be challenging, but it's easy enough for younger kids to pick up quickly. The fun of this game is that the maze pieces on the board are removable, so every time you set up the game you get a different maze. Each player gets five "treasure" cards and the object of the game is to be the first one to collect all of your treasures. When you take your turn you use an extra maze piece to move the maze around, so with every turn the maze changes making it easier or harder to get to your treasure. Logan loves this game and wants to play it almost every day. Some of the games go very quickly, while other times we have played it's been more challenging. We played last night for FHE and it was fun having everyone play together and seeing how the boys figured out the maze and how to get to their treasures. Logan has even set up the game before and played on his own. This is by far one of our favorite new family games and something I think the kids will still enjoy playing as they get older.

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